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Tommaso Randazzo's portfolio site

I created this site from scratch! A modern, hand-crafted, Italian website made with vanilla JavaScript, SCSS, and HTML.

My portfolio site is definitely the biggest and most complicated site I’ve ever created. It shows how far I’ve come since my previously developed sites, in terms of design, coding language knowledge, and ability to quickly complete projects.

Daniel Dade’s Sample Portfolio Site

Daniel Dade, Composer/Arranger demo website

For MI 349: Web Design and Development at Michigan State University. I designed my close friend, Daniel Dade, a sample website that would host his compositions, arrangements, and contact information so he could expand his freelance opportunities

This project, although not an amazing representation of my skills, displays how far I’ve come in terms of my HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge since Fall 2019. It also shows that I’ve learned to take more of my design skills into my development.

MSU EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI)

MSU EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI) website

As head designer for the MSU Center for Community and Economic Development (MSU CCED), I was responsible for overseeing the design and development of the redesigned REI website (July 2019).

Through this redesign, I evaluated mockups from my predecessor and edited them before they were sent to MSU IT for development. Throughout development, I oversaw IT’s progress and organized each individual project page so it could be implemented into our N2 content management system.

MSU Domicology, Materials Salvage and Reuse Innovation (MSRI) Hub

MSU Domicology, Materials Salvage and Reuse Innovation (MSRI) Hub July 24, 2020 email

The MSU Domicology team began a new function in 2019, creating the MSRI hub. The MSRI hub began a new weekly email campaign, requiring a custom-coded email that could be easily edited, previewed, and sent out via Constant Contact.

This project opened my eyes to compatability issues outside of browsers: email clients. MS Outlook’s more primitive client proved to be the worst offender, forcing me to delve further into tables, despite it not being extremely friendly to screen readers. The end result was this email, designed to match the Domicology website.

JRN 438: Advanced Infographics | Introduction to Data Driven Docments (d3.js)

D3 transitional bar graph page

In my final semester at MSU, I took my third infographics course from the Journalism School, which gave us an introduction to Data Driven Documents, or D3. Our final project required us to create a bar graph that would change when a div was clicked, but I decided to take it a step further with the drop down function.

This introduction to D3 helped me greatly in my advancement of JavaScript, showing how JS libraries work, not just in their unique functions, but that all a library is, is a collection of lines of JS smartly organized to make coding easier!

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